About This Blog

There are countless recipes out there, of which I will like maybe 1 in 10, of those even less are healthy.

Will you like my recipes? I can’t answer that, everyone is different, but I feel like a lot of recipe books and blogs aim for high number of recipes where as this is my personal recipe book, listing only the food i want to make again and again, meaning only the best make the cut. All my recipes come from either world rebound chefs and expensive cook books or even better directly out of family recipe books.

My personal opinion is that if you have a good recipe you don’t need the dairy and meat, this coming from someone who was an avid meat eater for three decades and still appreciates and loves a duck pancake or mums lamb shanks every now and then. But if you just try my vegetarian pizza or the creamy asparagus soup you will understand where I am coming from. That said though I have started out focussed on health foods I do plan on adding some delicious less healthy recipes too because my philosophy in life is balance.

I hope others can benefit from my passion for good food and desire to seek out and record only the best.




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